The Affair – Part 1

Molly’s not sure when the idea of an affair first crossed her mind. She’d catch the eye of the Fed Ex man at work, and wonder what he looked like naked. Or she’d return the smile of the waiter while out to eat with her friends, and wonder if he liked eating pussy.  She caught herself doing this more and more often, and would fantasize about other men while using her toys after her husband fell asleep at night.

Her husband was a good lover, but she was bored. Children change a marriage, and this also went for the way he looked at her, touched her. The yearning wasn’t there anymore, the roughness she had loved so much when they first started dating.  Now they were lucky to get a quickie while the kids watched TV downstairs.  She yearned to be more to someone than just a ‘mom’ or ‘employee’ or ‘wife.’ She yearned for the simplicity that came with the non-title of just fucking someone.

But it wasn’t until that text from Brad that she thought she would fully go through with it.

During work on afternoon, Molly received a text from a number she didn’t recognize.

    Who is this?

Annoyed, Molly texted back.

    Molly. How can you have a number in your phone without a name?

Her phone went off a few minutes later.

    Hey! It’s Brad! Collin’s friend? How are you?

Interestingly, it was Molly’s ex-lover, Collin, who had introduced them. This was long before husband and children. They had been drinking at a bar, Collin had tried to convince her to have a threesome with both Brad and him.  While the menage – a – trios never came to fruition because Collin became so intoxicated he couldn’t stand, Molly had given her number to Brad.  When he didn’t call, she wasn’t offended.  She was fucking a lot of people those days.

And the conversation just went from there. It started out harmlessly enough. They texted back and forth the rest of the day, catching up.  He was dating someone fairly seriously, but he wasn’t the marrying type.  She told him about her kids and her new job.  And then the opening:

    We should grab a drink sometime. Maybe have some of that fun we talked about years         ago.

Fuck. Molly wasn’t sure where to go from here. She hadn’t mentioned that she was married, and it hadn’t come up, even when she told him about her daughters. Oddly, he hadn’t asked. Maybe he didn’t care either way.

A drink wouldn’t hurt. She could control herself. Maybe the new emotional connection would be enough to make her feel wanted again.

To be continued…

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