The Affair – Part 2

Read Part 1 here

That Saturday, she told her husband she was going out with her girlfriends. She nervously drove to the bar, one that was a town away. Brad hadn’t even asked why she wanted to meet at that one.

He was already there when she walked in.  Damn, he looked good. Really good. She was wet just looking at him.  He had dark, Italian skin, with dark, sexy eyes. His smile was wide and easy, and he stood up when she walked over to him. She could see him mentally undressing her, and it turned her on even more.

The first beer went down easy, and the conversation flowed effortlessly. They didn’t talk about personal lives, only about work and politics, and the awful band playing.

The time flew.  Molly was grateful for conversation that wasn’t forced, as it often was in her current situation.  And then came the inevitable.

    Want to go back to my place?

Molly didn’t hesitate.


She followed him to their cars. Driving behind him, her mind was at war with itself.

    You can just call him. Tell him you’re married and you’re making a mistake.

But the devil on her other shoulder was trying his damnedest to make this night happen.       

      Just go and do it once. You don’t have to do it again. Maybe once it’s out of your system,   you’ll be fine.

She couldn’t stop following him. She parked, and he held his front door open. She walked in.

He immediately kissed her. Kiss isn’t the right word. He took her breath away with his rugged mouth, catching her bottom lip in his teeth and biting.  His large, rough hands held either side of her face, pulling at her hair, drinking her in as he pushed his body against hers. She could feel him grow harder, and couldn’t help herself.

She blindly fumbled with his belt and pants, freeing his hard cock in her hands. She dropped to her knees, and took the length of it in her mouth. He moaned, and held her hair while she used her tongue and lapped the shaft.

She’d forgotten how much she loved giving a good blowjob.  It made her feel powerful to make a man weak with her mouth.  He removed her shirt while she was still on her knees. He clasped her face under the chin, and made her look up at him.  

    I know you’re married. We can stop if you want.

Molly didn’t respond, but stood, unclasped her bra, and stood topless before him. The wordless permission between them was enough for him.

He cupped her breasts, using his thumbs to circle the nipples, feeling them harden. He pinched them slightly, causing Molly to sigh in pleasure.

He took off her pants, and laid her down on the living room carpet. He pushed her thighs open, and slid her lacy underwear to the side.

He licked her pussy lightly, teasing her. He used two fingers to enter her, and she could hear the wetness as he thrusted them inside of her. He used his tongue to flick her clit faster and faster, taking breaks to breathe lightly before taking up nibbling. His fingers worked in rhythm, and Molly could feel herself getting closer to the edge.

She reached up and tweaked her own nipples, and relished the pussy worshipping she was getting. It wasn’t long until she exploded, long and hard, in a way she hadn’t in a long time.

She felt swollen and wet, tired and satisfied. But Brad was just getting started.

He quickly removed his shirt, and with a single thrust, entered her exhausted cunt.  He lifted both of her legs and put them over his shoulders, almost bending her in half. He thrusted hard and deep, and Molly felt his dick reach a part of her inside that had never been reached.

She was in another world, and she soon started meeting his thrusts with her own. She couldn’t get him deep enough. She wanted all of him, as hard as possible.

The matching thrusts were too much for him, and she felt it as he came, hard, spurting inside of her.  Thank god she had remembered her pill.

He laid on her immediately after, tired as well.  She stroked his hair, then felt oddly about it, and stopped. What happens now?

He got up, and she hurried to the bathroom to clean herself up. The last thing she wanted was for her husband to want to go down after letting another guy cum in her.  Not that that happened often anymore, but with her luck, he would try tonight.  What the fuck was she thinking?

The panic set in. She dressed hurriedly.

    I’ve got to get home.

She gave him an awkward hug and peck on the cheek. Kissing him on the mouth seemed weird now.

She left him without out another word, still naked and looking incredible. She got in her car, and burst into tears.

To be continued…

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