The Affair – Part 3

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She wasn’t sure why she was crying. Was it the guilt of the act? Or the guilt that she liked it so much? Either way, this was a one time deal, and it would never happen again.

She firmly believed that, until his text came through a few days later.

    I can’t stop thinking about this weekend.

That text really threw her for a loop.

Why did he have to send that? Of course, she couldn’t stop thinking about it either. She had such a mixture of feelings. One day she was so guilt – racked she was sure her husband would know just by looking at her. Other days she masturbated 2 or 3 times, just thinking about the feeling of Brad’s dick plunging deep inside her.

She finally decided it would be a one time thing. Something to fantasize about, but nothing she wanted to deal with long term. She didn’t know how people carried on years-long affairs.

Until he sent that Goddamned text.

She waited a day to respond. Partly because she didn’t know how to respond; partly because she didn’t want to seem desperate and answer him too quickly.

She finally answered.

    I can’t either. My body has never felt like that before.

His response left her weak.

    Your body is amazing. You tasted and felt amazing. I want more.

Molly gulped. Fuck. Her body so badly wanted his again. She missed being wanted so badly, so urgently.

    I think I need to slow things down. I need to think about what I’m doing.

God, she sounded like a loser. She had wanted this, hadn’t she? She invited this, and now she was being a tease about it. Thankfully, he seemed to understand.

    Let’s just get together to talk. No pressure. I just like talking to you. No expectations.

That didn’t sound so bad. She could do that. Besides, she liked talking to him as well.

They met two nights later at a different small bar than they had originally. Molly had taken an hour trying to decide what to wear. She told her husband she was going out with a coworker, and felt guilt when he didn’t even question. She decided to play it casual with jeans and a tank. Of course, she had forgone the panties, and the tank accentuated her tits nicely. But looking sexy wasn’t cheating. That’s what she told herself, at least.

The conversation was akward at first. What do you say to someone you’re having an affair with? But with more sips of beer came easier conversation, and the sexual banter began.

    So how many times did I make you cum?

Molly blushed.

    Enough to make me know I want you to make me cum again.

She almost clapped her hand over her mouth. The beer had turned off the filter from her brain to her mouth.  Brad smiled.

    Meet me in the men’s bathroom in a few minutes.

Without another word, he slipped out of the booth and walked towards the back of the bar. What should she do? Her mind was at war again. She so badly wanted him to fuck her, but she knew what she was doing was wrong. Her phone buzzed.

    I’m ready to make you cum.

To be continued…

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