The Affair – Part 4

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Molly finished her mug of beer. She thought about quickly ordering a shot of something to make this decision easier, but decided against it. Her phone buzzed again.

      I can’t wait to lick you.

She felt hot and wet, and suddenly wearing no underwear with jeans sounded like a bad idea.  She grabbed her wristlet, and walked towards the men’s room. She felt like everyone she passed knew where she was going, and was staring at her.  She hurried to the door. She knocked once and the door cracked open.

Brad grabbed her arm and pulled her in, kissing her hard while locking the single stall door. Her knees went weak as his tongue probed hers. His hands roughly grabbed at her breasts.

He backed up, walking her until her ass hit the sink. He turned her quickly, and the beer suddenly went to her head. She felt dizzy, but in a good way.  He nuzzled her hair, nibbling at her ear.  She watched his passion in the mirror. He caught her eyes in the reflection.

   Lift your arms.

She lifted and he brought her shirt above her head. He threw it on the floor and used his large hands on her swollen tits.  Going braless was a good idea.  He continued to kiss at her neck while he pinched at her hard nipples. She could feel him hard and long against her ass.

He undid her jeans and pulled them down to her knees.

   Good girl. No panties. You knew exactly what you were doing tonight.

He put a hand between her legs and gently rubbed her pussy. Fuck, she was so wet and ready for him.

   Bend over.

With her jeans at her ankles now, she bent over the sink, ass in the air. He got down on his knees, spread her swollen pussy lips, and inserted his tongue deep into her cunt. He fucked Molly with his tongue, alternating between licking her asshole and massaging her vaginal walls with his magic mouth. He brought his right hand around and used his thumb to rub her clit. He started an excruciating rhythm, and Molly felt herself getting closer and closer.

   Cum for me, baby.

His husky voice took her over the edge and she tumbled down the dark rabbit hole. Molly convulsed uncontrollably and she could feel his strong arms holding her up. When she finally got her footing, she looked at him in the mirror reflection.

   My turn.

His cock was out and in one thrust Molly felt the entire length inside her. She gasped at the quick stretching, and the sudden sting of his dick entering so fast quickly dissolved into an amazing feeling deep inside her belly.

He grabbed her around the throat with his right hand as he massaged her tit with his left.

   Watch me. Don’t stop looking at me as I fuck your wet, tight pussy. Watch me.

She made eye contact with him in the mirror as he fucked her hard from behind, his balls slapping against her behind. Molly held herself up against the sink, pushing back. He squeezed her throat, not enough to hurt, but enough to hold her head in place. His dark eyes stared into her soul, and watching his face while he screwed her made Molly gush more.

    Here I go, baby.

He withdrew, grabbed her by the back of the hair, and forced her on her knees. She instinctively opened her mouth right as the first stream of salty fluid jetted into her mouth. Molly’s mouth closed over, and she sucked every last drop she could out of his throbbing dick.

She stood up when he was empty. Her jeans were still around her ankles and her shirt was in the corner of the bathroom. She had a red mark on my neck where he had been choking her. Fuck…how would she explain that if it bruised?

She looked over at Brad, who was cleaning himself up and fixing his jeans. Maybe she could keep this long term. It’s not like she planned to leave her husband, just have a little fun. What would be the harm?

To be continued…

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