The Affair – Part 5

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The affair went on for weeks. Molly wasn’t sure how she kept it hidden so well. There were late night sexting texts and daily emails describing what he wanted to do to her body, but if her husband knew anything, he didn’t let on. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing for their marriage, but then again neither was fucking another man.

She thought she had had the hottest sex possible in the bathroom of the bar that night. Brad proved her wrong time and time again.

There was the time in the backseat of his car in the empty parking garage next to the church on 8th street. She was just ready to cum again when a police officer knocked on their window. Apparently car garages had cameras. Brad later admitted he knew this, and was banking on getting caught. He said it made it hotter.

The most recent time had been the fucking of her life, recorded using Brad’s Mac. He had told her how much he loved voyeurism, how he loved to watch and rewatch the videos while jerking off. Molly had been hesitant at first, but she trusted him.

He set the camera up on the desk, aimed at his bed. He had been dominant in this encounter, and Molly loved when he was rough with her.

He had instructed her to strip, but to stay standing. She did as she was told, and stood next to the bed. Her breasts felt heavy, swelling with the excitement. She was soaked already with anticipation. It was amazing how wet he made her.

With the recorder on, he walked up behind her, and used his foot the kick her legs apart. She stood with them spread. He bent her at the waist, and she could feel his hot breath down her back. She moaned as he got on his knees and started to eat her from behind. He nibbled and sucked, and used his fingers to work inside of her.

He didn’t let her reach her climax, and instead stood up and made her face him.

    Lay on the bed, and spread your legs as wide as you can for the camera.

Molly did as she was told. She was shy at first, but the idea of him watching this later almost made her cum on the spot.

     Play with yourself.

Molly blushed. She had never masterbated in front of anyone before, not even her husband. That was something she had considered a private act. But she obeyed.

She closed her eyes and used her right middle finger on her clit. She moved her fingers down to gather wetness from her sopping pussy, and brought the juices back up to her clit. She rubbed in small circles, building slowly. Brad knelt beside her on the bed. He was now naked, and he massaged the inside of her thighs while sucking on her hard nipples.

It didn’t take long for her first explosion. Brad watched with a growing erection.

     Turn around and let me see your ass.

Molly got on all fours. He spread pussy juice to her pink bud, using his finger to push into her asshole.

Woah…this was something she had only done once, drunk off her ass (no pun intended) at a college party.

Trust me.

He could sense her hesitation. He reached into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a small glass butt plug.

     You’re going to wear this inside of you until I’m ready to fuck your ass.

Using her juices and his spit, he slowly pushed the cold plug inside of her tight ass. She moaned, more with pleasure than with pain. Once it was in, it felt foreign, and she wasn’t sure what to think of it. She wasn’t given much time to worry about it, though.

Without a warning, he shoved his dick deep into her cunt. She gasped at the surprise, but was quickly reciprocating his thrusts. She could feel his dick rubbing against her vaginal wall, and the sensations of the plug rubbing were so intense.

Pulling her long hair back hard with a jerk, Brad made it known he was ready to take her ass.

He slowly pulled the plug out. Molly could only imagine the gaping of her asshole, and blushed at the idea of him seeing such a thing. He lubed himself up, and put some where he planned to violate.

She felt his hot dick pushing against her ass, slowly easing it’s way in. He was much larger than the plug, but he was gentle and absolutely knew what he was doing. When she had taken his full length, he used his hands to spread her ass cheeks as her fucked her. It felt amazing, more amazing than she would have imagined. She was fully relaxed, and completely forgot she was even being recorded.

The tightness must have been too much for Brad, as he didn’t seem like he would last very much longer. Molly reached between her legs and began to masterbate herself again. The sensations in her ass with his grunting sent her over the edge again, and this time Brad went with her. He shot his load far into her ass, balls deep, gripping her ass cheeks so hard it hurt.

That had been the hottest encounter by far.  The odd part in it was that Molly felt little, if any, emotional connection with Brad. He was hot, fucked like a dream, and made good conversation, but he wasn’t someone she could see being with in the long term if she had been single. She was pretty sure he was probably fucking other women, but never got up the nerve to ask. She was still fucking her husband, so it didn’t seem fair to pry.

Also, Molly was starting to become exhausted from having her double life. She worked 40 hours weekly, was raising her children and a household, and seeing Brad when she could sneak away. She had lost some weight, partly from not having time to eat, and partly from the strenuous fucking.

Friday, she had made plans with Brad. However, she was so tired, she decided to break them. He didn’t seem especially heartbroken. She had told her husband she was having drinks with the girs from work, but she decided she would just go home and surprise him. Maybe they could do spend some time together.

Molly got home later than she’d hoped, but with tax season at work she was swamped. The girls were certainly sleeping, so she crept quietly up the stairs. Her husband was probably playing video games on the Xbox in their bedroom. She stopped and checked on both girls, who were asleep.

She walked to their bedroom, and noticed the door was closed, which was odd.

     He’s probably jerking off, poor guy. Maybe I’ll let him fuck me tonight. Maybe I can show him a thing or two I’ve learned.

She opened the door. Her husband was sitting naked on the bed, hand rubbing his hard dick. On the laptop screen was a man fucking a woman in the ass.

Wait. She knew that bedroom. And she knew the man on camera.

Her husband was watching the video of Brad fucking her in the ass. Her husband turned to her, a look of surprise on his face.

     I guess we both have some explaining to do.

To be continued…

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