The Affair – Part 6

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Molly sat at the table across from her husband, hands wrapped around her mug of coffee, but not taking a sip.

She was still trying to wrap her head around what she had witnessed in their bedroom, but at the same time was feeling a little scared at the fact she had been caught.

I know what you must be thinking. It’s only been going on for a few months. I’m so sorry. I just needed something more.

She started to tear up. What would this do to her family?

He strangely didn’t seem upset by the fact she had been fucking another man.

I know how long you’ve been fucking Brad. I’m the one who asked him to contact you. Didn’t you think it was odd the he just texted you out of the blue?

Molly was speechless. It had been odd, considering she had only met Brad once all those years ago.

I knew you weren’t happy. I knew you wanted more. And when I happened to run into him a few months back, we got to chatting about crazy sexual situations. Remember Jason? Well apparently we both know him and happened to be at the same bachelor party. He mentioned he almost had a threesome with you. And at first it pissed me off…but the more I thought about it, the hotter it made me. So I reached out to him.

Molly felt betrayed. She felt hurt. Not only had her husband toyed with her, but Brad, too. So Brad only fucked her because her husband had instructed it?

Do you have more than just that video?

Her husband’s face reddened.


Molly nodded.

I want to see them.

Her husband hesitated.

Are you sure? I mean…

Molly was adamant. They walked back to the bedroom. He took out the laptop and clicked on a few files. She watched him open one showing 7 or 8 different videos. She was internally mortified, but kept her cool. And truth be told, her pussy was growing wetter by the minute.

Put one on.

He looked at her. She nodded in affirmation. He clicked on the video, and a full screen image of her in Brad’s bedroom took over the laptop. In it, he had her blindfolded, teasing her with an ice cube. That had been a fun night.  She didn’t even know he had recorded it.

She lost interest in the video itself when she noticed her husband’s face. He was into this. And the growing bulge in his pants confirmed that watching Brad eat her pussy turned him on.

Do you like what you see?

He looked at her and nodded slowly.

Wanna fuck me while we watch together?

He didn’t get a chance to answer. She was on her knees, pulling his hard dick out of his pants. She licked the tip and the precum dripping out. He moaned, and grabbed the back of her hair. He roughly shoved his entire length into her mouth. She gagged a little, then caught her rhythm. He face fucked her while watching his wife suck off another guy. And it was fucking hot.

Do you like that, you slut? Did you like fucking him? Did his dick make you cum hard?

Molly stared seductively at him while her mouth continued to be ravaged by his hard cock. The dirty talk was turning her on and she could feel her juices run down her thigh.

Suddenly, he withdrew, turned her over his knee, and slapped her ass, hard. He roughly pulled down her pants, kneading each ass cheek before slapping it. They felt like they were on fire. She begged him to fuck her. He felt her pussy and laughed at how wet she was. He teased her with one finger penetrating her soaking cunt, stopping as soon as he started to feel her cunt muscles twitch.

Get back on your knees like the whore you are. You’re not getting any pleasure tonight. You’ve had your pleasure. Now it’s my turn.

He now stood, watching the video over her head. Brad was now fucking her from behind, and hard. She could hear her moans on the video.

He placed his hard dick in her mouth again and began fucking her mouth. She took a break to suck his balls, and then would lick the shaft like a popsicle before taking it in her hot mouth again. The head felt smooth and large on her tongue and she enjoyed the saltiness that was dripping from him.

After she deep throated him for a few minutes, he pulled out of her mouth and started stroking himself. He used his left hand to rub her tits and he pinched her nipple hard. He was getting closer to climax; she could tell by his ragged breath.

Open your mouth.

She complied, right as he shot his load into her throat. He groaned loudly with the release. Molly swallowed all of his semen, except for a few drops that landed on her left breast.

Staring at him, she used her index finger to swipe up the cum and licked it off.

She then licked the tip of his throbbing cock clean.

After his breathing returned to normal, he sat back down.

I want to watch Brad fuck you while you suck my dick. But not on video. I want to do it in person.

To be continued…

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