The Affair – Part 7

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Are … Are you sure?

She looked at his face, trying to figure out if this was a trick.  Fuck Brad in front of him?  Sure, the idea of two guys fucking her together was always hot to her, but to have a threesome with her husband and lover?  It didn’t seem like real life.

    Yes, I’m sure.  I see the pleasure he gives you, and that makes me hot.  I had a hard time at first watching, but you have carnal needs, too.  If he can make you cum like that, I want to see it firsthand.  This isn’t a request.  You owe this to me for what you’ve done behind my back.  This is will a one-time thing, and then you are not to see Brad anymore, understand?

She just stared at him.  Her pussy was still twitching, and felt mighty empty.  What would Brad think of this?  Would he run the other way?  Her husband answered her thought before she could ask the question aloud.

     I’ve already told Brad this is what I want.  He knew I would be speaking to you about this situation soon, and is ready when we are.  And he also knows about cutting contact with you as well.

She was dumbfounded.  These two men, both her lovers, had done this behind her back.  She felt shame, as that was exactly what she was doing – lying and fooling around behind her husband’s back.  The least she could do was begrudge her husband this request.  Besides, the images she was seeing her mind were starting to make her blush.

A week later, the day and time was set.  They arrived at Brad’s apartment, and rang the doorbell.  Brad answered, and the interaction was awkward.  Thankfully, he had some whiskey to take the edge off.

The three of them walked into Brad’s bedroom.  Her husband pulled up a chair in the corner of the bedroom, and sat with his drink.  Brad and Molly stared at one another, not sure what to do next.  Her husband, obviously not having any of this uncertainty, gave his instructions in a calm, assertive tone, that sounded very strange to Molly.

    Undress her slowly, Brad.  Suck her tits while you do so, and make sure you get her nice and wet.

Brad stared at Molly, and did what he was told.  He helped her out of her skirt, and pulled her shirt above her head, revealing a see-through lace bra.  He unclasped it, letting her ample breasts fall heavy on her chest.  He pulled her in close, and kissed her.

    Do not kiss her.  Just fuck her.

Brad looked at her husband, and started sucking Molly’s nipples.  He rolled the little stones around with his tongue, biting softly and pulling them slightly with his teeth.  His hands gathered their fullness, kneading and massaging.  Molly sighed in pleasure, and wasn’t sure if her pussy could be a wetter.

     Take off his pants, Molly.  Put his cock in your slutty mouth and suck it.

She looked over at him, but did as she was told.  She got on her knees, and pulled Brad’s familiar dick out.  She took it expertly in her mouth, using her right hand to massage his balls as she sucked the length of this cock into her hot throat.  Brad moaned and pulled her head tighter to his genital area.

     Do you like sucking his cock?  Does my whore wife like to feel someone else in her mouth?  Take off your panties, and lay on the bed, knees apart, so we can see you.

She stopped sucking and looked at him incredulously.  He now had is own dick out in his hand.  He threw back the rest of the whiskey in is glass, and started slowly rubbing it while watching her take her place.

She let her knees fall apart, and Brad took his place with his head between them.  Her husband slowly stood up and walked towards them.

I want to get a better look.


He stood next to the bed as Brad plunged his tongue into her cunt, eating her pussy.  He flicked her clit and moved in circles.  She could tell she was going to climax quickly.  Her husband reached down and started sucking her tits, only adding to the pleasure.  Brad entered her pussy with three fingers, and finger-banger her while sucking away at her sex.  It was only minutes before she exploded, cumming harder than ever had in her life.  Her husband moved away from the bed, hand on dick, and made his next instructions.

    Get on your hands and knees.  Face me, with your pussy towards Brad.  He’s going to fuck you while you suck me, you fucking slut.

She normally would have been pissed at those names he was calling her, but tonight it turned her on more than could explain.  She did as she was told, and Brad took his place at her rear.  He entered her swiftly and began fucking her from behind.  It felt amazing, as her pussy was still spasming from her orgasm.  He had a hand on either hip, pulling her onto his dick with every thrust.  Her large tits swayed and slapped against her chest.

Her husband took her hair in his hand, and forced her to look up at him where he stood at the edge of the bed.  Suddenly, he slapped her face, hard.  She loved it.

     Suck me dry, you whore bitch.  I want you to gag on my cock.  I’m going to fuck your mouth, and you are not to gag, do you understand?

new_ clg13 - 234

He instructed her to open her mouth, and he fucked her mouth like he had that night a week ago, only tougher, if that was possible.  One hand held her hair, and the other held the underneath of her chin, and she was powerless to his thrusting.  She held her mouth open while he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth, fast and hard, making her gag every time.  He and Brad met thrusts, and she was literally having a dick thrust into her mouth and another in her pussy at the same time, in rhythm.

     Slap her ass, hard, with every thrust.  I want you to fuck her pussy so hard, she can’t walk for days.

Brad happily obliged, and slapped her ass cheek hard with each push.  It stung and burned, but was incredible with the mixed pleasure she was feeling.  She knew her ass was bright red, and her pussy felt like it could split in two.

    Flip her on her back.  I’ll hold her legs while you finish inside of her.  I want to see you cum inside of my wife.

Brad did as he was told again, and Molly’s head hung over the bed.  She lifted her legs up, and he husband grabbed her by the ankles, holding her feet up and spreading the wide.  He then positioned is cock and balls over her upside down mouth.

    Suck my balls, cunt.  Gag on them.

She began to lick his smooth balls, sucking on them, while Brad once again entered her sopping pussy.  Despite the hard fucking, she still felt tight.  Brad thrust in and out, working his dick in circles inside of her pussy.

   Fuck her faster.  She’s going to swallow my dick now.


Taking one hand off of her ankle, he grabbed the back of her head once more and brought it up from hanging off the edge of the bed.  He stood above her face, and fed the entire cock into her mouth, bending his knees slightly to get the entire length in.  For a split second, she was afraid she was going to throw up, but regained her composure.  Her husband placed a hand on her throat, massaging downwards as he thrust in and out of her face.

In this position, she was powerless to move her head or her body.  Powerless…what her husband must have felt like when he realized he didn’t make Molly happy anymore.  Powerless like he must have felt when he first contacted Brad to fuck her in the first place.  These men were using her like a fuck doll, and she loved every minute of it.

The two men were getting close to climax.  He husband was hugging her head to his cock, thrusting in and out as if her mouth were a tight pussy.  He moaned loudly as he came, and held her mouth over his dick as his jizz exploded in her mouth.  She sucked him dry, as instructed.  As she was sucking the last of his cum, Brad announced her was also cumming.  Her husband let go of her head, and took a step back to watch Brad cum inside of his wife.  Molly met him thrust for thrust now that her upper body was free of restraint.

    Take his cum, Molly.  Feel him shoot it inside of you.  Do you like taking another man’s cum?

The dirty talking was too much for Brad, who let out a carnal howl as he emptied his ball sack deep inside of her.  He thrust deep during every spurt, and when he had finished, withdrew his limp, wet cock from her pussy.

Her husband, oddly, looked pleased.

     Brad is going to shower now, and we are going home.  The two of you are not to contact one another ever again.

They both nodded, like children being scolded by a father.  Molly asked his she could clean up before they left.

     Absolutely not.  You are not to push his jizz out of your pussy, do you understand?  As he leaks out of you the next few days, I want you to use it as a reminder that your pussy in mine, and mine alone.  Things are going to be very different sexually between us from now on.

The way he said that last sentence made Molly’s cunt ache.  This encounter had worked in a weird way to renew their sex life, and she was looking forward to the changes.  Besides, if she missed Brad, she could always pull out one of those videos of him fucking her ass, and masturbate to the memories.  A little fantasy never hurt anyone, right?

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