Midnight Train – Part 1

I leaned across the bar, towards him, slightly tipsy.

“I think it’s time to leave.  Let’s go back to my place for a night cap,” I said, flirting.

Daniel smiled at me, paid the tab, and walked with me to the door.  “Should we Uber, or take the metro?” he asked.

“Metro,”  I said.  “If we sit in the back, maybe I can give you a little preview of what my plans are for you tonight.”

Not one to argue when it came to getting laid, Daniel led me to the nearest metro station.  We waited for the next train, both feeling the excitement of the sexual tension between us.  A few minutes later, the train stopped in front of us, doors opening.  It was late, close to 12:30am, so the car was pretty deserted.  Too late for most people to be heading out; too early for most bar-hoppers to be heading home.

We found a seat in the back of the car, next to the exit door in the back.  The seat in front blocked anyone’s view of us from the chest down. A couple of girls got on, sitting at the opposite side of the metro car from us, and an older guy, maybe in his early 40’s, hopped on, wearing a gray suit, sitting towards the middle of the car.  I briefly had the thought that he was pretty handsome, the grays that were starting to come in on the sides of his head and into his beard gave him a sexy ‘silver fox’ look.  He caught me staring, and I looked away.  When I glanced back, he had his face buried in his phone.  Workaholic type for sure.

When the metro started, Daniel and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.  We were discreet, as we didn’t want to give the other passengers a show.  But anyone paying close enough attention knew what was going on.  Daniel slipped his hand up my thigh, under my short dress.  I was already soaked with anticipation, and his fingers slipped in with no effort at all.  He massaged my soaking cunt, and I tried not to moan aloud.  I stared out the window, enjoying the waves of pleasure hitting me as he stroked and teased me.  I was close, and he knew it.  He pulled his fingers from inside of me, wet with juices, and put them into his mouth.

“God, you’re yummy,” he said after tasting me.

I noticed the large bulge in his pants, and rubbed his dick over the pants.

“Take it out and play with it,” he said.

“Um, no!”  I exclaimed.  “There’s too many people here, and I don’t want to get arrested for public nudity!”

He pouted, but didn’t.  Besides, our stop was coming up soon.

During the next stop, the girls walked off of the train.  No one else entered.  The doors closed, and before the metro started again, the gentleman in the suit walked towards the exit door the opposite of where we were sitting, and walked through to enter into the car that was directly in front of us.  Daniel and I looked at each other.

“Apparently he didn’t want to sit with us?”  I said laughing.  “Nah,” said Daniel.  “He knew I wanted a blow job, and he was just giving me the privacy to ask for one.”  I rolled me eyes.

We were now alone in the car, and I was feeling pretty tipsy still.  Why not?  This next stretch was pretty long, giving us ample time for some fun.

“I changed my mind,” Daniel said huskily.  He unzipped his jeans, pulling out his hard cock.  “I want you to sit on it instead.”  I smiled brightly; this was my favorite position lately.

I took off my panties and slipped them into my purse.  I could have wrung them out due to the wetness.  I stood, and he moved more towards the far end of the seat closest to the aisle, giving me room.  Facing away from him, I eased my wet puss on his pole, feeling him fill me.  I spread my legs slightly, and his hands came around to fondle my small breasts.  I worked up and down, slow at first until I accommodated to his size.  His hands left my breasts, and found my hips, where he was helping me to meet my thrusts down onto him.


“Bend forward,” he said, panting.  I bet at the waist, grabbing my ankles, exposing my asshole as I continued to bounce up and down on him.  His thumb found my asshole, and wetting it with my juices, he slowly pushed it in.  The combination was excruciating, and I knew I was close.  I fucked him harder now, feeling every inch of him inside of me while his thumb pushed in and out of my ass.  I came right up to the edge, and with a louder-than-I-meant-to-make moan, tumbled over.  I ground my cunt on him, trying as hard as I could to take every single inch of him as I gushed on his thighs.

When I had come down from my high, I slowly opened my eyes to see a pair of men’s shoes directly in front of me, the toes inches from mine.  I looked up, and in front of me was a beautiful, thick cock.


“You look a little hungry after that performance,” said the gentleman in the gray suit.

To be continued…

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