Midnight Train – Part 2

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I opened my mouth to answer, but Daniel answered for me.

“She’s starving,” he said quietly.  I turned and looked at him, and he nodded.  I smiled with the permission.  He knows how much I love a thick cock in my mouth.

I lifted my slippery pussy off of Daniel, and got down on my knees in front of this beautiful sex.  He gently grabbed a handful of my hair, and slid the first 5 inches into my mouth and throat.  He filled my mouth, smooth and salty with his pre-cum.  He tasted wonderful.

I worked my mouth up and down his pole, soaking it with saliva, using my hand to fondle his smooth balls.  I lapped at him, swirled my tongue around the head, and nibbled gently.  I curved my lips around my teeth so as not to hurt him, and grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands, pushing his dick into my mouth again and again.  I took a break from his cock to suck on these gently, first one, then the other.  I could tell he liked this by the sharp intake of breath I heard, and the moans that were coming from the man’s throat.  I could see Daniel, still worked up and unsatisfied from our fucking just minutes before, stroking himself while watching me suck on this stranger’s dick.  The thought of this turned me on, and I felt warmness in my cunt as my juices began to drip again.


I looked up at the man in the gray suit.  He looked down at me.

“Fuck my face,”  I said huskily.  “Fuck it hard.  I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Without hesitation, he grabbed a handful of hair with each hand, and began to do just that.  With just enough force, he thrust into my mouth, deeper and deeper.  I loved the feeling of being face fucked, the feeling of this man using my mouth as his own fuck toy.  Saliva ran from my mouth, lubing up his cock as it entered in and back out, faster and faster.  I concentrated on stopping the little gag reflex that I have, and allowed him to enter deeper and deeper down my throat.  Soon, the entire length was being shoved in, and I could feel his balls on my chin, slapping with each rough insertion.


I kept my mouth like a vacuum, sucking and lapping, and I could feel the tickle of his penis head in the back of my throat with each thrust.  I could tell he was getting close, as his breath became more rugged.  Daniel was also getting close, and I could hear him panting while working his own pole.

Finally, with a loud yell, the gentleman in gray exploded in my mouth, squirting his jizz down my throat, hot and salty.  I swallowed it down, continuing to suck until there was nothing left inside of him.  As I was doing this, Daniel also exploded, on my bare ass.  His cum was also hot, and trickled down my ass, into my cunt and down my thighs.


I stood up, wiping my mouth and pulling my dress back down over Daniel’s cum.  The man in grey tucked himself back into his trousers, and zipped up.

“Thank you for a wonderful time tonight,” he said.  The train began to slow, and he grabbed his briefcase and walked towards to exit doors about to open.  He never gave us his name, and we never saw him again.  It was by far the hottest thing I had ever experience, and I had a feeling my and Daniel’s relationship was going to be a little more adventurous from that point on…






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