The Affair – Part 7

Read Part 1 here... Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Are ... Are you sure? She looked at his face, trying to figure out if this was a trick.  Fuck Brad in front of him?  Sure, the idea of two guys fucking her together was always hot to her, but to... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 6

Read Part 1 here... Read Part 2 here... Read Part 3 here... Read Part 4 here... Read Part 5 here... Molly sat at the table across from her husband, hands wrapped around her mug of coffee, but not taking a sip. She was still trying to wrap her head around what she had witnessed in... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 5

Read Part 1 here... Read Part 2 here... Read Part 3 here... Read Part 4 here...   The affair went on for weeks. Molly wasn't sure how she kept it hidden so well. There were late night sexting texts and daily emails describing what he wanted to do to her body, but if her husband... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 4

Read Part 1 here... Read Part 2 here... Read Part 3 here... Molly finished her mug of beer. She thought about quickly ordering a shot of something to make this decision easier, but decided against it. Her phone buzzed again.       I can't wait to lick you. She felt hot and wet, and... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 3

Read Part 1 here... Read Part 2 here... She wasn’t sure why she was crying. Was it the guilt of the act? Or the guilt that she liked it so much? Either way, this was a one time deal, and it would never happen again. She firmly believed that, until his text came through a... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 2

Read Part 1 here... That Saturday, she told her husband she was going out with her girlfriends. She nervously drove to the bar, one that was a town away. Brad hadn’t even asked why she wanted to meet at that one. He was already there when she walked in.  Damn, he looked good. Really good.... Continue Reading →

The Affair – Part 1

Molly’s not sure when the idea of an affair first crossed her mind. She’d catch the eye of the Fed Ex man at work, and wonder what he looked like naked. Or she’d return the smile of the waiter while out to eat with her friends, and wonder if he liked eating pussy.  She caught... Continue Reading →

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