Craigslist Fun – Part 1

David tried, but just wasn't cutting it.  The date was nice, but the sex was horrible last time, and he was so eager to please that he forgot to just relax and enjoy the act.  After I said goodnight at my door to his hurt face, I went inside my apartment. What was with these... Continue Reading →

Midnight Train – Part 2

Read part 1 here... I opened my mouth to answer, but Daniel answered for me. "She's starving," he said quietly.  I turned and looked at him, and he nodded.  I smiled with the permission.  He knows how much I love a thick cock in my mouth. I lifted my slippery pussy off of Daniel, and... Continue Reading →

Midnight Train – Part 1

I leaned across the bar, towards him, slightly tipsy. "I think it's time to leave.  Let's go back to my place for a night cap," I said, flirting. Daniel smiled at me, paid the tab, and walked with me to the door.  "Should we Uber, or take the metro?" he asked. "Metro,"  I said.  "If... Continue Reading →

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